Call for Papers

Papers are solicited on any technical areas relevant to the Workshop. The technical scope of the Workshop includes, but it is not limited to:

  • Speech Interfaces: acoustic and linguistic analysis of children's speech, discourse analysis of spoken language in child-machine interaction, age-dependent characteristics of spoken language, automatic speech recognition for children and spoken dialogue systems
    Multi-modality and Robotics: multi-modal child-machine interaction, multi-modal input and output interfaces, including robotic interfaces, intrusive, non-intrusive devices for environmental data processing, pen or gesture/visual interfaces
    User Modelling: user modelling and adaptation, usability studies accounting for age preferences in child-machine interaction
    Cognitive Models: internal learning models, personality types, user-centred and participatory design
    Application Areas: training systems, educational software, gaming interfaces, medical conditions and diagnostic tools.

The technical committee will select papers for oral/poster-presentation. All the accepted papers will be included in a CDROM with proceedings of the Workshop and published by ACM. The official language of the Workshop is English. Demos are especially welcome.

Flyer of the Workshop (PDF).